Friday the 13th Game の次のイベント

Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

Offline Bots

Maybe you hate playing online with people. Maybe you want to learn the lay of the land in all the maps. Maybe you just want to practice laying waste to scores of counselors. No matter the why of your situation, today I am happy to announce that the next update of Friday the 13th: The Game will include offline bots.

To access this new feature, you’ll want to select the new “Offline Play” menu item, and then “Offline Bots”. Next up you’ll want to select the map you want to play on, and select your preferred counselor punishing Jason.

Finally, you will be able to select how difficult the bots you play against will be from the 3 difficulty levels included in the update – Easy, Normal, and Hard. The higher the difficulty you choose, the longer counselors will remember you being in the area, the more likely they are to fight you, the quicker they are to react to your presence, the quicker they are to exit hiding spaces when you leave, and the more likely they are to use Medical Sprays smartly.
They’ll fix cars, boats, hide in closets, under beds, in sleeping bags, barricade doors, and more to keep you from making them into another victim. Feel like honing your single prey hunting skills? You’ll be able to select from 1 to 7 counselors in your offline game to ensure that you are playing against exactly how many counselors you want to stalk.

難易度はEasy, Normal, Hardの3つ。難易度が高いほどCounselorの反応(速くなったり、スプレーをうまく使ったりetc…)がよくなる。またプレイ時に1~7のCounselorの人数を選択可能になります。

Max Level Increase

Today I’m excited to talk about one of the new changes coming with our next update; an increase in max player level from 101 to 150. This increase won’t just be a number that keeps getting higher as you play more and earn XP. There are some cool things that you will unlock along the way, and we’re going to talk about a few of those right now.

New for Counselors: More clothing coloring options for Mitch, Fox… and a couple more counselors that we aren’t ready to speak about, yet… allowing you to stand out from the other prey in the match.

New for Jason: get ready to murder pesky counselors in new ways. In the upcoming patch you will be able to unlock two brand-spankin’ new grab kills for Jason, absolutely for free. Well, except for the cost of CP. We’ll also have bloody variations of multiple Jasons allowing you to walk around splattered with blood like the slasher you are.

That’s not all, though. More level rewards will be added in the coming months, and we’ll have more information about them in the coming months.

ジェイソンには新しいグラブキルが2つ。またbloody variations(新スキン)が追加されます。

Holiday Events:

Starting on December 18th and lasting through to the 23rd, your chances of rolling a Rare and Epic perk will be increased. My advice, hoard that CP you collect over the weekend and spend it next week instead.

Starting on December 23rd and running through to the 27th, your chances of finding BOTH Pamela and Jarvis tapes will be increased. If you’re rummaging through drawers and find one, maybe go ahead and be a Chad and keep it for yourself.

Finally, from December 23rd and running through to January 2nd, you will be earning DOUBLE CP. Please note that CP earned from leveling up is NOT doubled, but everything else is.

But when does it come out?
For our Steam and PS4 users, you’re looking at receiving the next update on Monday, 12/18/2017. That is not an exact time, as there isn’t one available.
For our Xbox One players, we expect the update to follow shortly.

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12/18~23の期間中パークのEpic,Rareの確率が増加します。 12/23~27にはパメラ、ジャービステープの発生確率が増加します。もし、引き出しを開きまくって見つけたいなら、チャドで行くことがおすすめです。


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