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New Game Mode: Single Player Challenges

10のシナリオに沿って、ジェイソンになってカウンセラーを殺していくゲーム。キル方法によって実績がありそれを解除していく。 30+3のエモートが入手可能。30は通常シナリオのミッションをクリアすることで解除でき、3つのエモートは全キル,XPScore,シークレットを解除(クリア?)することで手に入る

Single Player Challenges, Friday the 13th: The Game’s newest playable game mode, is now available!

Test your skills as Jason Voorhees by clearing out all of the counselors in Camp Crystal Lake in each of the 10 unique scenarios. Each level contains special cinematic kills that are available only in Single Player Challenges. There are also multiple challenge objectives that are available in each level that can only be completed through proper planning and preparation. Play as Jason in any way you like. You may choose to be slow and sneaky for that suspenseful cinematic experience, or you may choose to brute force your way through, hacking and slashing!
There are also 30 new unlockable emotes that can be obtained in the Single Player Challenges! Each Challenge has a reward of 3 unique emotes through the collection of these following skulls: No Survivors Skull, XP Score Skull, and the Undetected Skull.
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

New Playable Counselor: Victoria Sterling

新カウンセラー ビクトリアの追加

Introducing Victoria Sterling, the newest counselor to arrive at Camp Crystal Lake!
Victoria has a level requirement of 42 and her stats are the following:

Composure - 4
Luck - 8
Repair - 3
Speed - 4
Stamina - 7
Stealth - 7
Strength - 2

Legendary Perks

パークのレア度にlegendaryが追加される。 Epicのパークに1つ追加能力が付与されてる

分厚い皮膚: トラップから抜け出す時間が早くなる など

Legendary Perks
A new perk rarity tier has been introduced! Legendary perks!

Legendary perks are now the rarest perks that can be obtained. The perk values and traits are identical to Epic perks, but there is one big difference between the two rarities. All Legendary perks come equipped with one extra positive trait! These traits are predetermined and work in addition to the perk’s original traits. Here are the traits that are tied to each Legendary perk:

Perk Values Adjusted

パパは警察官 最大30%->最大25%
Man at Arms(武器耐久あげるやつ) 最大25%->最大15%


The following perks have had their possible values adjusted:

[Easy Listening] - Increases the Radio proximity recharge rate by 10% - 40% (was 1% - 10%)
[Motorboating] - Increases the Boat movement speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%)
[Man at Arms] - Increases Weapon durability by 5% - 15% (was 5% - 25%)
[My Dad’s a Cop] - Reduces the Police arrival time by 5% - 25% (was 5% - 30%)
[Quiet Swimmer] - Reduces the Sense detection chance by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%)
[Lead Foot] - Increases the Car movement speed by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%)
[Aquanaut] Increases the Counselor’s swimming speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%)

Weapon Swapping Feature


A new option is now available in the Jason selection screen! Players will now be able to equip different weapons on each Jason. This feature unlocks for players at level 113 and will allow the swapping of the following weapons:

Fire Axe
Battle Axe
Pig Splitter
All the grab kills tied to the weapons (including the DLC kills) will also be available through the swap.

Jason’s Swing Animation

ジェイソンの攻撃時、腕を降る動作を地面に向けて下向きに調整。 地形によって下にいる、もしくはしゃがんでいる場合でもヒットするようになった。

All of Jason’s weapons have had their swinging animations adjusted to swing lower towards the ground.
 This change should help prevent Jason’s swings from missing players that are on uneven terrain or crouching.

Jason’s Grab Changes


Jason’s grab has been updated with a new animation and sound effect. These changes should more accurately represent the distance of Jason’s grab and also feel more gratifying when landing a grab on a counselor.

Doorway Combat Changes

カウンセラーのドア越しの攻撃ができなくなる。 Jはいままで通り。

We have made some adjustments to the way that combat works when there is a door in between Jason and a counselor. Originally, players were able to initiate combat from both sides of a closed door. This allowed counselors to time their swings and safely interrupt/damage Jason during his process of breaking down the door. Because of the way that combat works, there was little counterplay to these occurrences. In order to combat this one-sided exchange, counselors will no longer be able to hit Jason through doors. However, Jason will still have the ability to damage counselors that are standing extremely close to the door.

Counselor Weapon Stats Adjusted


The pips that represent the weapon stats in the How to Play section have had their values per pip adjusted to be more consistent.
In addition, The following weapons have had their stats adjusted:

Frying Pan
Fallen Tree Branch
Baseball Bat
Metal Pipe
Cooking Pot

Matchmaking Changes



Infraction System
An infraction system has been added in order to combat issues with players prematurely leaving matches. Players will now gain infraction points by performing any of the following actions in a Quickplay match:

Leaving the match as Jason
Leaving the match as the Host
Leaving the match while still alive as a Counselor
Leaving the match while in the process of being killed
Accumulating too many infractions points will place you in a low priority queue in matchmaking with other similar players.
These Infraction points are not permanent and will decay over time.

Keybinding Support


Keybinding Support is now available on the PC for players using a keyboard and mouse

This feature may be accessed through Settings > Keybindings

General Changes and Bugfixes


Added countermeasures to several character selection exploits -> 多分不正ジェイソンの対策?


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